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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

By Brad Alvarez, Director of Operations, Legacy Advisors


Let’s begin to “pull back the curtain” on Legacy a bit, so to speak.  Over the years of working with our firm, I’ve had the opportunity to play a role that suits my personality preference.  One that keeps me pretty much behind a computer screen for most of the day and out of the public eye.  I’ve gotta admit, most of the time it’s pretty nice to be here at the office, get my work done, and get out, not really needing to interact with very many people throughout the day.  You see, operations deals with all those small things that need to get done to keep the ship moving forward.


The Right Guy for the Job?

On that note, it’s funny how things have come full circle in a totally unrelated career path.  I was a mechanical operator on nuclear submarines prior to my finance career.  We were the quiet few working way back in the loud engine room, in charge of a few tasks that meant everything to the survival of the crew in the front of the boat that everyone knows and hears about.  All the movies, shows, and books usually only mention the guys who get to look out the periscope, or press the buttons that launch missiles and torpedoes, or have the headphones on staring at a screen in sonar.  But without us way in the back, quietly going about our job taking care of the engine room, we wouldn’t have some of the most critical components for basic survival out there in the middle of the deep blue:  water, air, electricity, and propulsion.  But I digress…


Beyond 8001 Broadway 

I feel that same connection with our partners in the industry that help us serve our clients in the best way possible from behind-the-scenes.  They’re the quiet ones that go about their business operating at the top of their game on your behalf.  Chris has spent nearly 20 years in the financial industry earning the right to partner and consult with some of the brightest minds in financial science.  These consultants, including Loring Ward investment committee memeber and Economic Sciences Nobel Prize winner Dr. Harry M. Markowitz, are thought leaders who have provided research and investment modeling that has been widely acknowledged as one of the blueprints to long term investing, backed by decades upon decades of data and science.

You see, it’s never really been in our nature to share or brag about the amount of time we’ve invested to bringing these exclusive strategies to you.  And that’s going to change a bit going forward.  This blog will be a medium to allow us to take you into our world a bit.  An exciting world!  We’re going to share some of the best thinking from the teams behind your Legacy team.  We’re also excited to bring you some the same content we share internally with each other.  The content out there that excites us, no matter the industry.  Content that covers breakthroughs in science, advances in technology, leaders in business, and on and on.  These are the drivers of markets.  The drivers of wealth creation.  Human ingenuity at it’s best.  And we all are the fortunate ones who can participate in this progress through efficient capital markets.  It’s a great time to be alive, and we’re excited about our continued collaborations with all of you!